This particular project was started with the idea of combining old and new materials; old house-paint and varnish. Rusty nails, tools, metal and brass. Clock-parts, old bulbs, discarded stamps. Toys, dominoes, magazine cuttings and drawings, jars and bottles, twisted wood and ceramics.

In the first bedroom here the wallpaper was stripped, then one full sheet was traced, copied, then transferred back onto the wall, then repeated throughout the other walls, using graphite pencil. Around the perimeter of the mural stamps were placed, which came from my fathers own collection. In the downstairs bedroom and hallway we had gathered an assortment of objects in which some had been lying around the house for years, some stuff was found in the street, in the skip or in another country. These were placed in a random fashion into areas of the walls in both rooms; embedded so that they became a part of the wall structure itself. The shower-room was completed using a variation of new and old tiles cut into large and small rectangular shapes. A choice of antique, ceramic and vitrolite tiling was used in a combination of colours. These tiles were gathered over a period of time from many sources/locations. The stairwell was originally covered with layers of w'paper, some parts impossible to remove. So we decided to leave those areas, and cover the other parts with drawings, magazine cut-outs, p'cards and other bits of w'paper. Once bonded the surface was coated with 3-4 layers of floor varnish, which gives it a real sense of depth, and reflection.

In other parts of the house we placed some other things. My father's old brass ashtray was embedded into the casing of the light-switch in the pantry. There was a hole cut into the bathroom door, where a small antique shutter was placed with the inscription 'peeping tom' placed underneath. These were the only metal letters I found in the cellar at the base of the house, the shutter was found at a market. The objective regarding this project was to consider the numerous things/stuff that we grow up with/lie around us/don't know what to do with/should we keep it-should we throw it out. The emphasis was towards experimenting with the 'discarded' in making a connection/relationship with the interior in seeing how these things could be utilized to create a different setting.